Thursday, 29 September 2011

Always learning...

Today we went to Southfields college to learn how to edit the short clips we recorded during our lesson last week. I showed up at the college only to find three other classmates awaiting late comers, after much waiting Mr.Kay decided that we should start as time was an issue. We entered the computer room which had many hi-tech Apple Mac computers, the teacher had us all grab a seat at a computer while he was setting up our clips, during this time Mr.Kay had us open up GarageBand for a little play around so we could get familiar with the software.

Now the learning had begun the teacher showed us how to drag each clip into our final video, we all made our own individual clip from the same recorded footage so it'll be good to see what the others come up with. After much playing around Shahrukh turned up late although it was a good thing as he was another group member who made it, unfortunately we were missing Ainsley who couldn't make it. With the time we had left at the college we learnt how add sound, titles and effects to our clips and then headed off back to school. On the way back me and Shahrukh spotted a potential location for our opening scene.

Training day

Training Day Power Point

Sunday, 25 September 2011


streatham cemetery

although this image isnt of streatham cemetery it gives off a brilliant effect which goes brilliantly with our theme.


After presenting our ideas to other classmates, we received some feedback mostly positive. Our idea of having a montage of a child's life was said to be unique and the effect it would have on the audience help develop emotion etc. There are some issues we may potentially face which involve the child character in our clip and how'd they respond to constant directions, filming the same scene from different angles etc. So we have to consider these factors before we proceed.

Opening scene ideas

We got into our groups on Friday, and we came up with a few ideas for our opening scene. Here they are