Monday, 28 November 2011

film pitch

In our groups, we presented our ideas to the class. After each pitch, the groups were given feedback. Our idea was liked by our class mates but we did recieve some constructive feedback that we have taken aboard.
Our main concern is how we are going to find a garve stone with the character name we have chosen which is Tyler Johnson and that people that are around in the cemetery may not enjoy us filming there. We have over come the grave stone crisis as we are going to film the grave stone from the back so the name can't be seen. However, our teacher helped us with our second dilema and told us to be very polite in the cemetery as he doesn't want us to make others feel uncomfortable.

Another concern was about our choice of clothing for our ghost, our class thinks we need to make sure we portray him as a ghost and not a average teenager.
We have taken on board all these points and hope to make our opening sequence better based on this feedback.

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