Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Colombiana (Luc Besson, 2011)

In Colombia, feisty 9-year-old Cataleya (Stenberg) witnesses her parents'  murder of by henchman of the drug kingpin Luis (Benites). Years layer (now Saldana) she's in Chicago, where she's been raised by her uncle (Curtis) to be a stealthy assassin. Now she's trying to draw Luis out of protective CIA custody by leaving clues at each murder scene. And it seems to be working. With an FBI agent (James) on her trail and a boyfriend (Vartan) who knows nothing, she's playing a dangerous game.
With references to Scarface, director Megaton uses fantastic camerawork, editing and sound, hyping up each situation into an compilation of explosive carnage. He can't seem to decide if Cataleya is Catwoman or part of the Impossible Mission Force.

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