Saturday, 21 April 2012

Evaluation Question 1

1.     Many thriller films will tend to focus on the plot rather than character. However, the plot will reverse it so that the film shows the issues surrounding the character. Psychological thriller films concentrate on a protagonist’s mental state of being. Often there is conflict which arises, either between two or more characters, in our case it’s the two main characters (Dhylan Patel & Tyler Johnson) that are in conflict but obliviously to one another as Tyler is a ghost following his friend Dhylan who doesn’t see him in the opening. Other sub-genres (i.e. action-thrillers), tend to focus on the physical conflict between two or more characters. Yet in psychological thriller films, the battle is fought through a condition of the mind.
we got the idea of a montage from the opening of the film "The Proposition" (2005, John Hillcoat) 

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